In our daily busy lives, how often do we take a breather to hear God through His word – The Bible.

Some might say, “Oh, I work three jobs daily. I am too busy” 

Another may say, “I am the sole provider for my family, hence, I can’t make out time.” 

But what are you saying? 

As for me, I ensure to make an effort to take out precious time to hear God through His Word. 

Truthfully, there is no better way to start your day, than reading the word of God. 

So what could be your excuse now? 

You can’t comprehend your reading? Then ask the Holy Spirit for understanding

You feel you are not worthy? I will remind you that Christ died for your unworthiness

You don’t feel changed after reading a few verses? Remember the popular saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Don’t stop reading, but keep at it and let the word of God transform your life as His word has transformed mine. 

I hope you have a blessed day. 

Song of the day: We are free by Planetshakers


RUTH – The Virtuous Young Woman from Moab (Encounter with destiny – pt 2)

Last week, I began a blog post on Ruth, which you can read here https://thevoyagedairy.wordpress.com/2019/01/09/ruth-the-virtuous-young-woman-from-moab-encounter-with-destiny-pt-1/

Here is the concluding post.

In the first post, I listed a few qualities, which I believe helped Ruth achieve her purpose. I am also going to list a few qualities in this post, as well.

4. Hardworking (Ruth 2:2): When Ruth arrived at Bethlehemjudah, with her Mother-in-law, she didn’t laze around nor slouch. She got herself a job as a grain-plucker/picker. This was one of the qualities which, I believe, endeared her to Boaz.

5. Humility (Ruth 2:10): Ruth’s humility got her into Boaz’s heart and then, his home. Just imagine being at the mercy of someone for your daily bread, that is the situation Ruth found herself, but she never put on airs.

6. Obedience (Ruth 3:5): This is the quality that sealed the process of God’s purpose in Ruth’s life.

Boaz could also attest to the fact that Ruth was, indeed, a virtuous woman (Ruth 3:10-11).

How many of us today exhibits the qualities of Ruth? Yes, no one is perfect, even I am far from being perfect, but let our love for God make us walk in the right path.

As you read through the book of Ruth, feel free to share with me other qualities of Ruth you may come across.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed week.

Disclaimer: The post shared is my understanding of the Bible passage, Please read your Bible for further clarity as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Song of the day – God of Everything


It is a calm sunny afternoon on a Sunday

Suddenly, her ranting fills the air

She hurls abusive words into the atmosphere

Her rants are no longer new to the residents.

Viewing the scenario before me

I shake my head in pity as the scene unfolds

She is clothed in a wrapper, her skin flushing red in anger, her eyes bleeding with hatred, her tongue spewing terrible words.

Look at her in her state of lunacy! You will think she’s a victim of domestic violence, negligence or abuse.

But, she’s only a victim of the curse and you can only feel sorry for her.

Written by Mercy Okusun

RUTH – The Virtuous Young Woman from Moab (Encounter with Destiny Pt. 1)

I started reading the book of Ruth, recently, and I must confess: she is one young woman to be admired.

Despite the ordeal in her young life: losing her husband and now, her mother-in-law wants her to return to her mother’s house.

It was pretty obvious that returning to one’s parents after marriage, is a shameful thing.

But, what did this young woman do?

She didn’t let her ordeal deter her from fulfilling her purpose.

There are certain qualities, I believe, which helped Ruth unlock her purpose in God.

1. Courage (Ruth 1:7): I really can’t fathom how Ruth did it; leaving her homeland with no strategy or plan for the immediate future. This can only be undertaken by courage.

It’s imperative to remember that you must be courageous in your walk with God.

2. Steadfastness (Ruth 1:14, 1:18): Being steadfast is quality that quite a number of us do not possess, especially when the conditions are not favourable.

Yet, Ruth did not desist from being steadfast in her decision to go along with Naomi; it was like she was being urged to follow Naomi.

In our present world, how many young women can be steadfast in their decision-making, choices and orientation?

3. Commitment (Ruth 1:16-17):Commitment is a key factor which must be present for any relationship to work. Ruth was committed to Naomi and God, and in return, She became the maternal lineage of Jesus Christ.

As you read and ponder over this post, can you identify yourself, as a young woman, with one of these qualities?

I look forward to hearing about your thoughts.


The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31: 10 – 31, has always been a great read for me.

I could spend time poring over and over the passage.

You could be asking what exactly is the point I’m trying to make.

How often do we come across virtuous women, especially young virtuous women (ranging from 18 – 25) in our present world?

On a scale of 1 – 10?

Most of us have been carried away by the temporary pleasures of this world, forgetting our purpose – the reason God placed us on earth.

How many of us (young women) can confidently stand and say?

I am walking in God’s purpose for my life.”

This 2019, let make a greater difference and draw close to God.

I hope you make this bold decision and return back to God.

Song of the day: You are not alone – Meredith Andrews

SHATTERED HOPE: Episode Finale!

Episode Finale

I stare at my boss in confusion and sympathy, I have no idea how the accident is related to me or her.

“There are no survivors,” She begins, “It was an head-on collision, apparently the trailer lost control and the driver of the private car was immersed in his iPad, he didn’t see the trailer on his path until it was too late.” She finishes.

I can clearly picture the horrific scene, spilled with blood. I close my eyes in shock as nausea threateningly rises.

My unborn baby doesn’t agree with the vivid picture. I part my lips to take in steady breaths, after a few breaths the nausea subsides. I wonder why she is telling me about the accident.

“Deola,” She calls out. I stare at her response, noting the sympathy in her eyes.

I wonder why she feels sympathetic towards me.

“How are you feeling?” She ask. I blink in surprise. “I know you are pregnant,” She answers my unasked question.

I smile and lower my eyes in appreciation. The thought of my unborn baby fills me with unexpected joy.

“I don’t know how else to break this news to you,” She says as apprehension crawls over me.

I wait for her to finish, my heart beats fast.

“Your husband was involved in the accident,” my eyes widens uncontrollably. “He didn’t make it.”

I feel the heavy weight of darkness descend upon me and drag me down as I succumb to the tug of helplessness.

“I am so sorry,” I hear the voice say as blackness swallows me and the floor welcomes me.

Months Later

I walk along the beach, taking a breath of freshness. The past few months have been hectic and frighteningly unbearable.

I lost the baby a few weeks after Lanre’s burial.

It was a double blow… losing my husband and baby within a few weeks. I went easily from being a married woman to a widow.

His parents whirled me away for a much needed vacation after the truth came tumbling into light.

Tears slip down my face as I think about how my life would have turned if Lanre had lived.

Would we still be together or divorced? Would our baby have brought the healing we both needed?

Regrets burn as I thought about the words I never said to him… the silent words that revolved around my head.

Maybe, it’s for good.

I continue my leisure stroll along the deserted beach as the sun sets slowly.


#Chronicles of an abused wife.

Written by Mercy Okusun

Thank you for following the diary series.


With a glad heart, I welcome you into 2019.

I want to sincerely thank all my followers and readers, I pray 2019 would be better than 2018.

What plans and projects are you embarking on in 2019?

What goals do you hope to achieve in 2019?

Do you desire to be a better person?

Remember to start on the solid foundation, who is JESUS CHRIST

I look forward to hearing about your accomplishments in 2019.

I wish you a fulfilling and prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Much Love,

Mercy Okusun